Super Nintendo (SNES) emulator

SEGA Saturn port of snes9x

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requires 4MB RAM cart

max. ROM size: 3.0/3.5 MByte

reads ROMs from CD, supports subdirectories

sh assembler cpu core ported from Dreamcast to Saturn

switched from sgl to SGL replacement

switched from 16 bit to palette rendering

lot's of Saturn specific speed optimizations

compatibility: quite good

speed: slightly faster than all other emus I've ported to Saturn, before


Currently, the asm cpu core is slightly less compatible, but way faster than the C cpu core. Compatibility when using the C cpu core should be similar to that of snes9x for windows (with same settings: palette), even some ROMs work on Saturn while they don't work on latest snes9x for Windows. This must be due to some setting in snes9x 1.43, which lowered compatibility compared to snes9x 1.41-1.

Of the few games I've tested, those are working with asm cpu core:

Actraiser 2, Blackthorne, Bomberman 1, Sonic, California Games 2, Captain Commando, Where in time is Carmen Sandiego, Castlevania 4, Chess Master, Clayfighter, Contra 3, Demon Crest, Desert Strike, Final Fantasy 2, Final Fantasy 5, F-Zero, F-Zero 2, Gradius 3, Illusion of Time, Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Mega Man x2, Mystic Quest, Another World, Rock 'n Roll Racing, Sim City, International Superstar Soccer Deluxe, Super Star Wars, Super Turrican, Super Turrican 2, Pro Tennis Tour, Terminator 2, Top Gear 1, Wing Commander, Zelda

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