Save Game Manager

Most useful utility for gamers on SEGA Saturn!

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When do you need the SGM?

Did you ever run out of backup memory?

Did your backup memory cartridge or the cartridge slot every die?

Have you ever wondered why some files are so big that you can't get them out of the backup memory cart?

Did you ever want to upgrade your Action Replay's firmware without burning a seperate CD-R for each type?

Did you ever think the Saturn built-in file manager is too slow in handling?

Did you ever want to load save games from CD?

Did you ever want to share save games (without any commslink and Action Replay cart)?

Of course you did!

Now here is your solution: the Save Game Manager for SEGA Saturn will give you more backup memory FOR FREE!


manage files: copy, delete, format

compress / decompress file archives (BZip2)

update Action Replay firmware (using arflash from ExCyber)

split / join files (since v2)

dump memory (AR firmware) to file (since v2)

export / import files using button commands (since v2)

export / import files using human readable base64 text (since v3) (Save Game eXchange over internet)

special features

virtual drives

external RAM cart support

CD swap support

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