News roundup

Long time no see

Quite a lot of time has passed since the last update of this website. The Saturn Coding Contest deadline was delayed for one month, entries have been sent in, judged and prizes have already been shipped and received, too.

Oh, I made an entry, too, a 3d flying demo based on the racing game project. Involved in that, I improved the polygon partitioning tool RB_SaturnMAP. Oh, last but not least, an export plugin for blender has been created. Written in python, it exports 3D models and worlds of any scale to the SGL format used on SEGA Saturn. This includes texture export, which is the biggest and most complicated part of the plugin.

More info about all this stuff later

This year, I still have to do some sort of clean out like last year, release some source code and stuff that has been created. After that, I plan to pick up the work on the render adventure called Police Officer Smith, again. Arnold has been working on it for the last whole year, he even improved his 3D rendering skills even more. A lot of images have been created and rendered, the script is finished and people have been recruited to synchronize the in-game characters. This game is gonna be fun!