Sound Player

Plays a lot of Saturn sound formats on the console itself!

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The Saturn Sound Player consists of 3 parts:

PCM player

To play back multiple PCM type file formats (PCM, AIFF, ADPCM, WAV) at once, from memory (PCM, WAV) or from CD directly (AIF/ADPCM only).

CDDA player

Offers standard CD audio player functionality. Can be played back while PCM player plays files from memory.

3d debug menu

It is activated by holding down START when the Saturn boots up. Allows to manipulate the background 3d model.


plays CDDA (CD audio tracks)

plays .AIF and .ADP (ADPCM compressed AIF) files directly from CD (file playback) (find them on Sonic Jam, E0, ..)

plays .WAV and raw PCM from Saturn game CD's (memory playback) (find them on Burning Rangers, Panzer Dragoon Saga, ...)

extended CD swap support: (by CD stop and rescan buttons) (!! even without pressing the CD door switch !!) swap-in Saturn game CD, audio CD or CD-R

playing multiple sounds at once:

with new sound slot system:

1 file slot

2 memory slots(1 MByte and 256 kByte)

additionally CDDA(untested)

sound attribute adjustments:

samplerate(and OCT/FNS to generate pitch value for devvers)



8/16 bit resolution

sound file playing controls:

play / repeat / stop

CDDA additional playing control:

fast forward, rewind, pause, track change

realtime gouraud 3D model

hidden 3D debug menu (activated by holding a certain button at startup)

improved CD browser with CD swap support

only wave files with PCM chunk supported, no sound compression/encoding playable

missing features / known bugs

avoid selecting repeat for high workRAM sound slot (it may freeze for 20s or even crash)

avoid playing the file slot and a memory slot simultaneously (it'll disable file slot for this run) - wave files in high work RAM memory slot got a glitch at start

CD swap not automatically recognized, need to press rescan manually

may need to rescan swapped CD for PCM player and CDDA player seperately

leaving PCM player when playing the file sound slot makes the sound loop untill returned to the PCM player

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