The Rockin'-B All Stars

Complete up-to-date homebrew compilation for SEGA Saturn.


"One to play them all", you burn a single Saturn CD image and get a complete, up to date and all new collection of all Saturn homebrew applications ever created by The Rockin'-B.

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Using Atlas (multi game boot disc application for SEGA Saturn), each of the Saturn apps is presented with:

a screenshot thumbnail, a short textual description, a full screen image showing controls and an audio file.

Just like the old SEGA Flash demo CD's, you don't need to reboot the Saturn to play another game.


Once booted, you can run games (press START) and return to the main menu (press START+A+B+C) by the push of a button.

Buttons A, B and C select between game info screen, main menu and credits screen, while LEFT/RIGHT and L/R can be used to select another game.


The Rockin'-B All Stars includes Emulators, demos, games, a Sound Player, a backup file compression and action replay reflashing utility with save games from the Save Game eXchange, as well as a never before released 3D demo of Rockin'-VR. A lot of applications have been updated (bug fixes, speed-ups, new features) for this CD.

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How to add ROMS and files

On a seperate CD:

Put all your

ROMs (Game Boy Color, Neo Geo Pocket Color, Lynx, Wonder Swan Color)

sound files (.wav, .aif, .adp, .pcm, CD audio)

save games (binary or base64 encoded)

action replay firmwares

on one seperate CD-R (subfolders allowed, 8.3 filename format).

Later, you can swap in this CD-R. In-game disc swapping is supported by the Sound Player and Save Game Manager with stop/rescan commands in the menu. The four emulators, the SoundPlayer and Rockin'-VR feature a file browser, which allows to stop the CD (press Y) and to rescan the CD (press X) by pressing Y/X buttons.

On the same CD:

Download and extract Atlas Creator, go to Atlas Game Packs and download all AGPs that you need into subfolder AGP of Atlas Creator. Fine, now hit SetSkinAllStars.bat and then MakeIso.bat. Finally, put all your files into the correct subfolder located in cdimage/data and hit UpdateIso.bat. Burn the CUE sheet Atlas.cue.

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