Save Game eXchange

Share highscores, replays and ghost cars with others!


Beat other peoples highscores, get helped when you are stuck, race against real-human ghost cars and view fighting/racing replays of others.

How to obtain saves

The Save Game eXchange will collect save games and publish them for everyone to obtain.

Usually, all available save games are included in and accessible by the Save Game Manager found on The Rockin'-B All Stars.

On special request, I can send you an e-mail with all saves attached, which you can access using the PlanetWeb browser and a NetLink modem.

On even more special request, I might provide saves compatible for uploading with the PAR.

Save games on The Rockin'-B All Stars are provided either as raw binary or as base64 encoding. Saves can be splitted up in multiple files. Both can be either single saves or compressed archives of saves. The Save Game Manager offers base64 decoding, decompression and file joining functionality.

How to provide saves

If you aquired save games with one of the methods below, contact me: Contact.

In order to dump very huge saves out of the backup memory cart, consider using the Save Game Manager as it provides efficient compression and file splitting.

Get yourself a NetLink modem and the PlanetWeb browser. Then you go online with your Saturn and write yourself an e-mail with save games attached. Then redirect this email to me, it won't work if you attach those save games to a new email.

Get a Pro Action Replay (PAR) cart with PC connector, a commslink cart, a suitable short parallel cable, an old PC with ISA slot (or a FreeWing/Yano parallel port IF) and upload save games to PC through the commslink connection.

If you can't use any other method, you can dump small saves using the base64 feature of the Save Game Manager and by typing some pages of text from the Saturn screen. However, this is a lot of work and is considered only for experts, due to typos.