Patching: PlanetWeb Browser

Adding offline HTML content.

The PlanetWeb Browser for SEGA Saturn does enable to browse the web with the NetLink modem. The CD itself contains some offline HTML content for help pages and other stuff.

Wouldn't it be fun to add some custom HTML content to the PlanetWeb Browser CD? Maybe an archive of Saturn reviews, Saturn cheats and walkthroughs, image and sound galeries, javascript games, .....

However, there are some heavy file restrictions which force you to adapt the new offline HTML content to meet these:

- no subdirectories

- no '-' character in filenames

- only 8.3 file format

- possibly other restrictions like maximum number of files (unconfirmed)

People could make a tool to do this automatically, I haven't yet.

But I made a package which eases modding for you a little bit (on the right):


For ISO building (not needed if you already got SaturnOrbit):