Multi game boot disc application for SEGA Saturn

What is Atlas?

Atlas runs on the SEGA Saturn videogame system. An Atlas CD can contain up to 50 Saturn games. Each game can be presented with custom provided media like:

screenshot thumbnail (64x64x16bpp, transparent color supported)

text description (8 lines of 20 characters)

full screen info image for controls and stuff (640x480x8bpp)

audio info file (up to 60 min, ADPCM supported)

Atlas itself can be customized with:

main screen image (640x480x8bpp)

credits screen image (640x480x8bpp)

The Atlas CD can furthermore contain README files (subfolder README) and a windows icon (subfolder AUTORUN)

What's Atlas used for?

Atlas is what drives the ready to burn Saturn CD images The Rockin'-B All Stars and C4 2005 CD. Furthermore, Atlas is the major application allowing Atlas Creator to put all those Atlas Game Packs onto one Saturn CD.

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