Terrain Renderer


TR - Terrain Renderer is a fast platform independent voxel rendering framework, a university project targeted to implement and compare a variety of voxel rendering algorithms. There are three main rendering approaches implemented (fences, cells, 3d step) which can be customized with a lot of compile flags resulting in about 20-30 renderers. TR also contains some sort of replay recording feature, which is used to perform benchmarks.

The full featured TR application runs on MacOS X and Windows. One of the renderers has been ported to SEGA Saturn.


On a slow iBook (700MHz G3) using a small resolution of 160x120 and disabling the image transfer to screen, the fastest TR renderers produce over 1100 frames per second.

On SEGA Saturn using both CPUs (but not the SCU DSP) and also a resolution of 160x120 with image transfer to screen enabled, the TR currently gets up to 20 frames. This could most likely be increased significantly by adapting it even more to the Saturn hardware.

I'm curious to test it's benchmark feature on a modern PC :-) .

Expect more info soon.

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