Why donate?

Making games and stuff for classic consoles requires time, special hardware items, knowledge, money and of course as much people as possible who enjoy using the stuff.

You don't have to donate. But if you want to, you can influence Rockin'-B's classic console dev in a positive way directly by donating stuff that helps progressing projects or starting new ones.

How to donate?

You can donate money via PayPal securely. This is the e-mail address to donate to: paypal (AT) rockin-b (DOT) de

Furthermore, if you got hardware or software items that are listed in the Requested donations section or which you don't need anymore, you can donate these and send them via mail. Please write an e-mail first to get the address.

Recent donations

DeGamer: 100 USD. Thanks for your support, I will continue to push this Saturn project forward!

Amon: 1 USD. Thanks for my first monetary donation. Please keep up your Saturn projects, too.

dhau: A modchipped Saturn. You really helped me out, thanks a lot. I applied a region mod as well as a 50/60 Hz mod and I put it into a new case.

SegaFreak_NL: Thanks for the item you sent me! I'm sure we will see it used in the future :) .

lordofduct: Memory Cart Plus(broken) and GameShark. Thanks a lot, I traced the MCP to find some signals of the saturn cartridge port.

Requested donations

Spare PC parts: what might be outdated for you is surely enough for me to update my Saturn dev PC.

Spare Saturn hardware: Direct Link cable(to test Saturn <-> Saturn communication for homebrew games), carts of any type

Commslink cart(ISA) or Freewing interface (my own was destroyed making MineSweeper)