Benchmark RAM (demo)

meassure speed of all RAM areas

This demo uses the free running timer (FRT) of the CPU to measure memory transfer time. You can run it directly with the predefined benchmarks, however you will most likely want to experiment and add new benchmark settings and recompile.

Though the feature list looks nice, the benchmark results are in some cases not really useful yet. But after I declared some variables as volatile, the results are much more like expected and give a feeling which area is fast and how big the difference is between byte and word access..


read, write access

byte, word, long word access

cache through

high work RAM, low work RAM, VDP1 VRAM, VDP2 VRAM, sound RAM (read only), cart RAM (auto recognize 1MB + 4MB)

support any address increment

different time output formats

"unlimited" number of different benchmarks

menu to select all options

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