Atlas Creator

Make your own multi game Saturn discs!

Atlas Creator turns AGPs from the Atlas Game Packs repository into ready-to-burn Saturn CD images. But it can do a lot more:


create multi game Saturn CD image

create single game Saturn CD image

creates even CD images for (not yet existing) homebrew boot carts

allows to add ROMs (custom files in general) to the ISO (Windows: UpdateIso.bat)

create Atlas Game Pack

create Atlas AGP (needed for each multi game disc)

create website from AGP collection

It is a command line utility which works under Windows, MacOS X and possibly any *nix OS as well. On Windows you just click a batch file for it's main purpose: CD image creation.

Commands are actually pairs of a command name and a command value. You can supply commands on command line and in script files as well, nested up to a depth of 5.


finish the TCL/TK GUI

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