SAHLI - Saturn High Level Interpreter


The TicTacToe demo running with SAHLI on my MacOS X iBook. Set a mark with S, move cursor with arrow keys and exit game by pressing SPACE. Of course all Keys of the SEGA Saturn control pad are mapped to the keyboard, but the other ones aren't used in this demo.

This is how the TicTacToe demo looks like when you create it in the SAHLI editor. In the biggest area you see that it consists of 29 nodes including the root(first), which is the interface to the outside. The area on the right shows all fields of the node called tiles. It gives information of the values of the fields that you can set. The bottom area shows messages which SAHLI produces during operation. You can switch them of and then have a look at a detailed textual description of the currrent selected node. Nodes marked with a + sign have a link to the current selected node. Such a link can be something like reading a variable, writing one or continuing execution at the current node. You can select what type you want to be highlighted.