Compressed animations on VMU!

So, what is B-movie;)?

What I call B-movie;) is a solution that brings compressed fullscreen images and animation onto your VMU! Everyone writing code for VMU can implement this whenever there is a fullscreen image or animation to draw without having any trouble, big modifications or disadvantages.

You can even display greyscale images!

What can I do with that ?

Now you can easily create images and movies without to care about several things:

don't care whether it is a single image or an animation

size does not matter that much as before

no problems addressing long animations

There are no major changes required in your sourcecode. Simply cut and paste the provided codelines replacing existing setscr-like functions. To draw a image or video simply move the startaddress into trl and trh as usual and call the drawing function to let play. When all images are drawn, it stops.

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