Poll and SGM compression efficiency

Friday, 9 September, 2005 12:00

See the poll on the left side? I want to encourage you to vote how many of my SEGA Saturn programs you have used on a real SEGA Saturn system (not emu).

Funny that I forgot about two of my own programs ;-). I've added them, now it's complete.

Here is an example showing the compression efficiency of the Save Game Manager for SEGA Saturn:

SEGA Touring Car's save game files take up to 4981 blocks on the external backup memory cart.

After compressing all 7 files into one archive with SGM, you get only 490 blocks!!! Squeezed to 9.84 percent!

So now you can afford to keep all these huge ghost car files from games like SEGA Touring Car, SEGA Rally and Daytona USA CCE in backup memory.

Instead of deleting, you now just compress them.