Donation request:

Friday, 23 December, 2005 8:30

Yes, I dislike seeing donation requests here and there myself, but I wouldn't ask for it if it wouldn't make sense.

I'm planning to create a couple of 3D games for SEGA Saturn which are supposed to be small, but impressive and addicting. They are intended to make use of special Saturn features and to push the limits so that Saturn homebrew finally reaches those people who still wait for a bomb to explode.

For this I need to improve my dev PC, which is the worst you could ever imagine. It keeps crashing when running Saturn emus (bad GFX cart) and is just so damn slow (AMD K6-2 500MHz, 128MB RAM), most of you would not even write an e-mail on a computer this slow.

You see, there are a couple of generations between my Saturn dev PC and todays PC's and it would boost my devving efficiency A LOT if I could advance just one or two generations by upgrading some components.

People who follow my posts here and there will know that I'm out of Saturn systems, RAM carts and Action Replay carts, too. All of them were dying very frequently in the past.

If you like my work for SEGA Saturn, you can help to make Saturn dev reach the next level.

Details here: Donations.

Thanks everyone and have a nice christmas, Rockin'-B