Announcing new Saturn coding contest!

Friday, 3 June, 2005 11:00

C4 2005 Saturn Coding Contest

This years mission of the Classic Console Coding Contest is: Terra-Forming SEGA Saturn

Info from the C4 2005 website:

This is the second SEGA Saturn coding contest ever. It's never been so easy to get into Saturn coding, because with SaturnOrbit, the all-in-one Saturn coding package that recently appeared on the internet, getting started is child's play.

The contest runs from june 6th 2005 untill november 31st 2005. There are no restrictions on the type of demo or game you submit. The only goal is to make something that's fun to play.

New entries can be registered online at the C4 - 2005 entries page. For christmas all valid entries will be put together on one Saturn demo CD.

Use your chance to win one of our attractive prizes and download SaturnOrbit right away.

There is an award for the best newcomer, too.

This contest is run by with the support of other people.

Many thanks to all who supported me with that!