Reminder: the new SEGA Saturn Coding Contest is running

Friday, 6 August, 2005 11:00

If you want to start making an entry, you're still right in time.

You can win a SEGA Saturn videogame system with games, a SEGA Game Gear portable videogame system with a brandnew Sonic 2 game, a Saturn modchip and some money, too. Furthermore you can win the newcomer award and get a Pro Action Replay.

A lot of work has been done to ease the start for new Saturn homebrew developers. All you need to start on Windows operating systems is the all-in-one development package Saturn Orbit. Additionally there is the Saturn Game Tutorial and Demo which covers all areas to be able to make a working Saturn game. It contains a complete Saturn demo with sourcecode and sprite processing scripts for The GIMP, too.

There are no restrictions on the type of game or demo you create. Just ensure that it is fun to play from a gamers view.

One entry has already been released and more are under development. Support the Saturn homebrew scene by making an entry, becoming a judge or donating prizes. Click on the banner for more info: