All four emulators are available for download:

Monday, 31 January, 2005 22:00

I don't know when the next speedup of those emus will be finished, so I decided to not keep them secret.

Please don't expect anything but the facts listed in the previous post. Gimicks and stuff that is usually found in emulators for Dreamcast, for example, are not present here. Untill the speed is too slow for good playability, such stuff won't be added.

Game Boy Color

Atari Lynx

Neo Geo Pocket Color

Wonder Swan Color

Runik found out that the GBC emu does run commercial games: It's gameboy roms (not color), and the smallest they are the best they run ... All the 32KB roms I tested worked perfectly, some 64KB worked, others show garbled stuff and finally some aren't showing anything at all ...

Edit: the following info is outdated, since all emus are now included in The Rockin'-B All Stars.

For ISO creation, you will need Mkisofs.exe and Cygwin1.dll in the directory where the makeisofs.bat file is.

For those who don't read README.txt (and you should do that),

take care of 8.3 filenames and don't exceed 98 files per directory.

Every emulator contains an archive with an alternative binary which is the same emulator with additional statistic data (makes it slower). This serves to verify future speedups and compare emulator efficiency between them.

If you find out anything good or bad by yourself, please leave a note at the segaXtreme message board or in my guestbook.