Install notes on GBAX download of WinterSports Eins for GP32:

Monday, 8 June, 2005 11:00

The GBAX download WSEins.rar contains two versions of the game (WSEinsA.fpk and WSEinsC.fpk) and two overclocked binaries(WS1A_156.fxe and WS1A_166.fxe).

This might lead people to only install the .fxe binaries and wonder why the game doesn't work.

To install WinterSports Eins on your GP32, install WSEinsC.fpk (or/and WSEinsA.fpk).

This is the easiest way to install and can be done with maclink on MacOS X or PC Link on Windows.

For installing with a cartreader, I made a seperate download containing the plain files of the exactly the same game.

See here for all info: WinterSports Eins.