On the way to the finish line: last month of the C4 - 2005 Saturn Coding Contest!

Tuesday, 1 November, 2005 10:00

The competition is heating up! Within this month, all entries must be submitted to C4_2005@rockin-b.de. So hurry up!

You know all entries will be put on one C4 2005 CD for SEGA Saturn. People who make an entry can provide custom media to present their game on the C4 2005 CD:

a screenshot thumbnail (64x64 pixel, a transparent color can be used)

a fullscreen image (352x224 pixel) showing controls and further info

short textual description (8 lines of 20 characters each) for title, version, author, features, ...

an audio file that's played when your entry is highlighted

a readme text file

All of this stuff is optional, but I recommend to at least provide a thumbnail and text description. If you don't provide the data, noone else will create it for you. Instead ugly "Not found!" messages are displayed.

Good luck! The better one wins...