Well, no updates till June, but the longer is this one.

Thursday, 26 September, 2002 19:12

In summer, I started working on a new movie-oriented game for the Visual Memory that was intended to exploid all power of B-movie;) and the VM itself. While doing this, a lot of code has been written that I'll publish over the next weeks.

This project brought me again deep into B-movie;) and I found out how to speed-up the decoding quite easily. So in the last weeks, I found time to complete the work on speed-up, removed bugs, found new bugs and removed them, tested a lot and made it easier to handle. So now, here is the...

NEW VERSION: B-movie;)v1.2

Changes are:


- FASTER! That was the main goal!

- found and removed bugs

- improvements in framerate stability

- improved the demo app, that drives the demo movies

- NEW demo movies included!


- easier and faster encoding

- found and removed bugs

- added an encoding example


- new and better documentation

- MOST IMPORTAND: a new license, now you can modify the decoding sourcecode!

Here's what's inside:

- tools to compress movies/images on PC for use on VM

- sourcecode to use and modify to include B-movie;) in your own VM game or app.

- all necessary tools from other people like assembler, emulator

- lots of documentation

- all movies from above, allready encoded

- a complete encoding example

->even if you haven't program the VM before, this should enable YOU to make your movies run on VM.

This whole B-movie;) development toolbox can be found here(bottom of the table).

Again, this has been a lot of work, I hope you'll enjoy it!

Additionally, I've created new, amazing demo movies. Just take a look at these screens:

If you want to bring new life in your VM, go download them!

The last of the above image leads to the next new thing here. I decided to bring new content to this site here to make it more exciting for those not interested in programing. And also something personal should be added, too. So here's the first step in this direction:

NEW: Enemy Zero fanpage

Probably the first and only fanpage to honor this unique and delicious game for SEGA Saturn and PC.

I've spend hours and hours to collect the material and to design and write the page. In contrast to the grey pages here, this page is well designed, colorful... .

What you will find there:

- 3 movies to download taken from the game

- pictures of Saturn and PC version of the game

- a summary and listing of a lot of reviews I've read

- lots of walkthroughs, cheats, hints, maps

- a lot of interesting information on the game

The design is extremely inspired by the game and people who know(and possibly like) the game, will have more than one deja vý.

Enter the page here and please write your suggestions and opinions into the Guestbook.