Rockin'-VR for SEGA Saturn progress:

Wednesday, 22 May, 2002 18:25

I have completely implemented the navigation paradigms "WALK" and "FLY". To implement "EXAMINE" it's necessary to implement the pointing device(mouse cursor) first, that points to the object to be examined. For more info of the controls, go there.

Let me mention some navigation details:

The user got speed, maxspeed and acceleration values for:

(1) forward/backward movement

(2) left/right turning

(3) up/down turning

As long as the appropriate button is pressed, speeds (1) - (3) are accelerated until the maximum is reached. If the button is released, speed does not go down to zero immediatly, but is slowed down twice as much as accelerated before. This can also be combined with accelerating in the opposite direction.

This makes the navigation look smooth, more realistic and in some way cool, I think ;-).

I planned to release new screenshots of another scene, but got bored while creating it... . Now is not the time for me to be creative in that way. Maybe next time.