A summary of the current project's history.

Monday, 4 February, 2002 14:59

The first backup I've made is dated to the 17th of December last year. Until now, over one month has passed and I achieved at least one goal: to keep familiar with C programming. I learned a lot things that I haven't knew before. And thanks to a bug that was hindering me for several weeks, a learned to use a debugger and finally got deeeep into the functionality of C and it's motherfucking pointers. So last week, I decided to change just one memory related concept and have now to modify a very big portion of my code. I really thought I could loose motivation, but everytime I look into the manuals of the Saturn library, I just cannot believe the beautyness of this. And so I'll keep on trying.

To keep my expectations realistic and just because the Saturn is the best thing that came to earth, I'm currently playing only Saturn, but I'm playing a lot. So let me announce to the world: I am Daytona USA! Yes it's me! My name is Daytona, I'm living at Daytona beach and I'm playing Daytona(jp, Saturn) like no one else. This just is a fact.

So next weekend should bring a big step forward, as I'm planning to code like I'm playing Daytona;-).