greyscale extension page up!

Tuesday, 5 November, 2002 16:30

I've put together an information page for the greyscale extension for B-movie;)v1.x. So if you want to use more photorealistic pictures in your VM game, or just want to play around with the development toolbox, or have a quick look at the result(demo slideshow), go on here.

MoPoMOD and VMU AA MOD in coexistance!

The author of the VMU AA MOD and I have dicussed the similarities between our battery modifications for VM. We have found a solution and from now on, both mods link to each other.

Get it there: MoPoMOD, VMU AA MOD

Rockin'-VR pics up again!

Unfortunatly, the pics got lost with the last update. They were still in my browsers cache, so I recognised it very late, but now they're up again. Check Rockin'-VR for Saturn here.