New release for Visual Memory: greyscale extension for B-movie;)v1.x!

Wednesday, 23 October, 2002 21:48

I've promised that you have never seen such things before on Visual Memory: The greyscale extension is an attempt to make images on VM more fotorealistic. It takes use of 2 effects to boost up the limitation of 2 colors(black and white) to 6 greyscale impressions, like I call it. These greyscale images are compressed with B-movie;)v1.x to save space.

6 greyscale impressions:

sample foto of mine on VM:

One milestone within that is a script I wrote for the free paint program "The GIMP" that makes the conversion of any arbitrary image in a few seconds possible. Again, I have made a cool demo image slideshow for download via Dreamcast: grab it up here. For developers, there is the toolbox with sourcecode, script and docs here. You can get The GIMP and the necessary GTK from there: Windows, Others. I haven't found time to set up a single site for that. Until then, all necessary information is here and at the download pages.

The greyscale extension got it's first running version in early summer this year. But most things were added in the last weeks. Through the evolutionary development, I tried (and succeeded, hopefully) to solve any problem that occurred. More in the package itself and on the upcoming greyscale page.

Site additions: VM games download page! As I promised to care about non devvers, I found time to grab all home-brew VM games worth to play from the net, tried them, made screenshots, wrote short reviews and made them downloadable from my site! Have a look at it here.