Monday, 29 April, 2002 16:3

OK, I've been quiet for a month or so. Time to let you know what I've done:

B-movie;) v2:

In theory, I can encode 0 to 49 pixels with only 4 bits. This sounds good in comparison to 1 to 7( + special case 48) from B-movie;) v1.1. The encoding divides the picture in squares and the problem is the fragmentation that appears with that. The fragmentation depends on how intelligent the picture is divided into squares. I have yet not found an algorithm that finds the best solution.

The filebrowser:

I got stuck in CD access. Though the CD began to spin, the program paused and no access was possible. Last weekend I tried to upload and execute this neat Phoenix emu and it had the same problem with CD access. All CD access demos failed on CD access, the only thing that does not is original games. This convinced me that there is no bug in the code but something else must be the reason. Today I found a promising solution at the SegaExtreme message boards and I will look if it might help out.

So you see, I must have had a lot of time for...the secret project. One month ago I was skeptical if this thing will ever see the daylight. On the one hand I got big future plans for it and on the other hand I had my code and an unbelievable amount of work to do until these dreams could be true.

And fortunately, I was able to really push the project to a state where I can present first results. I will unveil more information about it later this week.