Enemy Zero

A unique game for SEGA Saturn and PC.


Enemy Zero is a thrilling horror adventure game for SEGA Saturn and PC, consiting of 3D first person shooter parts as well as interactive CGI rendered full motion video parts.

The original Saturn version came with english (outside japan) and japanese (japan) voice samples. Later the PC version featured several improvements, one of which is two more voice sample languages: german and french (at least my PC version of E0). Want a german or french E0 for SEGA Saturn? Look here: Patching: Enemy Zero. Well, german does not sound half as professional as the original english voice samples, but hey you could also re-record it on your own ;) .

All praise E0

Because E0 is so special, I created some special content related to the game.

Like the one and only Enemy Zero fanpage (select on the right).

Or a guide on .how to switch the spoken language.

Or a video of E0 training running on SEGA Dreamcasts VMU!