MoPoMOD illegally copied?

Wednesday, 2 October, 2002 14:32

The More Power MODification for Visual Memory, published in June 2002, unexpectedly became the biggest success for The Rockin'-B at that time.

Unfortunately, I stumbled over this forum topic, where somebody promotes the "VMU AA Mod", that in fact is a copy of my MoPoMOD! So I asked the author to give credit, but he only claims that he did it independent from me, having first seen my site after he published it and that he's not going to give credit for this. So, if he doesn't want to give credit, then I'll do it for him by telling the truth:

The MoPoMOD actually was created in summer 2001 while developing B-movie;). One year later, in June 2002, I made a guide for this MOD and published it for fun reasons. And I did not expect such a positive feedback.

My statement to the author is: claim whatever you want, the MoPoMOD wasn't that much work like other projects, making it worth to stress me any further by going after such people like you. And what he did, whether it's right or wrong, brings this cool idea to even more people that might find it useful. And that's what I want, too.