Some WIP information of "Rockin'-B's MineSweeper for SEGA Saturn":

Tuesday, 9 September, 2003 15:25

The game now got its own page here.

I am working on a couple of post-contest additions to MineSweeper that I've discarded before due to lack of time.

CDDA music support

- yeah! this is kind of finished, only little changes could be necessary later

multi language support for text display

- this is nearly complete for english and german language

- french is planned, of course, if I find someone who helps with translation

- other languages if someone requests it and/or can help translate

multi language support for in game voice

- this is kind of more difficult, as it invokes heavier changes. But these changes have other advantages, so there is motivation to do so.

These are of course not all changes that are planed for MineSweeper. If you want to know more, look at the MineSweeper page.