Excited, anyone (Mr. Bush) #2?

Thursday, 20 March, 2003 8:31

It's sad but true:

The illegal war has begun.

Shame on you!

I am done

With you,


And who's responsible for this? For the illegal war and all it's victims, for millions of new opponents of the new America? Who will be on court when it's over?

No, people of Great Britain, it's not Jaques Chirac and no, people of America, it's not Saddam Hussein. You all have been lied to... .

It's the one who says "Go!": Mr. Bush!

For me, America's government is just guilty in a great variety of ways:

Guilty for killing people by death penalty.

Guilty for killing innocent people by death penalty.

Guilty for the pollution of the nature.

Guilty for having lied to all, even to it's own people.

Guilty for destroying all bridges and friendships to other countries that had been established by former presidents.

Guilty for having weapons of mass destruction.

Guilty for breaking international rights several times in history.

Guilty for killing people in Iraq.

I wonder how the american people can deal with all that guiltiness?

You believe in your president?

And your president believes in god?

I believe there is no god that could ever forgive him!

But I'm guilty too!

I have indirectly supported the war

and I'm sorry for that, I won't do so anymore.

I enjoyed hearing to american music, my favorite artists came from America and Great Britain.

I enjoyed reading american books, the author of most of my books lives in America.

I enjoyed watching american movies, almost all of those I watched at the cinema were made by Hollywood, the same goes for TV.

I enjoyed having american computers and software.

I enjoyed eating american fast food, yes it's good.


..Money for the war. And I feel sorry having supported the war this way. I will stop this, because it's no joy anymore.

And for the stubborn hardliners:

The main difference between America and the rest of the world

and in my opinion the main reason why America is so rich -

is that all recent wars took place outside the US. They made profit with every war in at least two ways:

First, the others were bombed and destroyed.

Second, the american firms made profit of the war.

I wonder where this will lead us to?

One thing is for sure: The war will have consequences!

I don't accept it that way.