New: importand update to SEGA Saturn wavetools: beta 3 released!

Monday, 25 August, 2003 12:52


The pitch setting is automatically computed!

wrong filesize of .h and .PCM files in WAV->PCM conversion is fixed

modified SGL sound demo for pitch test/adjustment on Saturn .

It was really pain to figure out the pitch setting. Now you can just input .WAV files of any samplerate and get a PCM file that sounds the same on Saturn!

This is the last release before the Sega Saturn Coding Contest ends, so all participants, try to increase the value of your game by adding PCM voice, sound effects or music samplers!

Notice that I made the experience that 8 bits mono with 8000 - 11025Hz samplerate is good enough for speech. This way you can get up to 64 seconds of speech that takes only 500 kByte.

So don't waste time and go download the new SSwavetools.