"Rockin'-B's MineSweeper for SEGA Saturn" progress:

Thursday, 5 June, 2003 12:20

As I said before this game will have 2 player support. What's new is the ability to record, save and load replays. Recording is done automatically, after the game you can select to watch or save the replay. This goes for one and two player game.

Also you can load and watch a one player game replay or combine two arbitrary replays into a two player replay to compare them.

The game got a long highscore table and the ranking is computed using the playing field attributes and the time.

Media has been collected(sound FX, background images, background music) so far. I got very few time right now so I will have to finish the game short before the contest ends.

Have a look at the entries of the contest:

Sega Saturn Coding Contest at SegaXtreme.