The videogame museum has opened:

Wednesday, 30 April, 2003 16:45

Take a look at the navigation bar on the left. Galleries of videogame console photos are selectable at the bottom. There you can find shoots of parts of my little collection: Atari Jaguar, SEGA Dreamcast, Saturn, Master System II and Game Gear and most interesting: Genesis as the Genesis family of consoles consists of a great variety of Hardware.

Progress of the Tiny 3D Engine for Visual Memory:

I have applied further little speedup's to the geometry stage. Very surprisingly I managed to speed up 16 bit fixed point division in a similar fashion like the multiplication. This is good for faster projection onto the screen.

Furthermore and even more surprising, I found out how to speed up matrix transformation very rapidly! Unfortunately I'm stuck with a problem in x,z-axis rotation while translate, scale and x-axis rotation work fine.

I changed my point of view and realized, that filled polygons (white, black, checkered) would make sense. So this can be added to the wishlist ;-).

Beyond VM:

Besides those things I did also some stuff for SEGA Saturn but it's not worth to mention it in detail yet. But be sure that I will be very deep into Saturn programing (and beyond) in the future.

I think it will be appropriate to team up with others. Otherwise it would take years to work on all promising ideas that I got.

So, I'm willing to support anyone who wants to develop for SEGA Saturn or the Visual Memory Unit. Don't hesitate to contact me.