Status report and new video: Tiny 3D Engine for Visual Memory.

Thursday, 17 April, 2003 19:51

- clipping added(can be turned on/off , supported by demo)

- data formats "lines" and "polylines" added to existing "points" and "polyline"

- sample geometry in demo is more complex now: cube and pyramid, both presented with points and polylines

- additional speedups for transformation matrix handling, sine/cosine computation and point transformation

-> results in 5-8% increase of framerate

some properties:

Objects consisting of lines only cause little performance decrease compared to the same object but only displayed as points. And very obvious: they give more visual effect.

Objects represented as "polyline" or "polylines" can be drawn faster than if format "lines" would be used.

Conclusion: Objects should be represented with as few as possible polylines.


- fast polyline drawing is disabled because of problems occuring with point swapping in the line drawing and clipping routines

- apply the remaining speedups

- code cleanup

- write the new double buffering framerate handling to be compatible with B-movie;) and greyscale extension, too

Have a look at the 2nd Divx 5.0x video capture of the demo with clipping and more complex geometry:


So you see: development is near the finish line. I'm a friend of releasing 1.0 versions. You may experienced how awful it is to burn buggy beta 1, beta 2 and beta 3 and again and again for Dreamcast... .