Racing Game Reviews

The SEGA Saturn console got more racing games one would expect at first sight. A lot of them where only released in Japan.

The Saturn driving games differ from what other consoles got. The good side is that some very special arcade racing games made their console deput on the SEGA Saturn, like SEGA Rally (later PC, DC, GBA) Daytona USA (later PC, DC) and others. The bad side is that todays favorite racing game style can hardly be found on Saturn. I'm speaking of racing games with dozens of tracks and even more licensed cars, a well thought evolution mode which gives a really high replay value like GranTurismo and the NFS series.

Compared to the mass of games the PeeSX got, it sounds crazy when I say that "The Need For Speed 1" possibly is one of the top 3 racing games on Saturn, if not even the best of all. The NFS series starts and ends here with the first part, while the other console got NFS 2, 3, 4 and 5. But that doesn't reduce the value of Saturn racing games as a whole.

Me being a passionate racing game fan, I start a (hopefully growing) list of racing game reviews:

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