New sponsors and prizes

Tuesday, 20. June, 2006 21:00

Saturn Contest: new sponsors, new prizes!

The well known Dreamcast website has joined the team of sponsors of the C4 - 2006 Saturn Coding Contest!

They give 5 SEGA Saturn games (us), a brand new Feet Of Fury game for SEGA Dreamcast as well as some merchandising items.

Not enough, slinga, a Saturn developer himself, is giving a SBOM Joypad. This item is a control pad especially designed for Saturn Bomberman!

So now the number of items per rank has increased from 7 to 10 for 1st place and from 6 to 8 for both 2nd and 3rd place. In addition, the 1st place got the merchandise items added.

You see, the list of prizes to win in this years SEGA Saturn Coding Contest is growing and growing. It will grow even more, so stay tuned. Everyone spread the word about this contest, so that hopefully a lot of people will enter the contest and create visually impressive software for SEGA Saturn.

Thanks to everyone who supports the contest!