POS and Saturn contest

Wednesday, 24 May, 2006 12:00

Saturn Contest: call for prizes

The 2nd Classic Console Coding Contest (targeting SEGA Saturn, again) will start soon and I'm looking for people who like to donate a prize. All kind of videogame related items or money are welcome. Both private persons and webshop-owners are encouraged to give a prize. By giving a prize, you can actively support people who create software for SEGA Saturn. Your support will result in new Saturn homebrew games being released and besides that, I can offer you to place a banner on all contest related websites. If you got a prize you want to give, please contact me: C4_2006@rockin-b.de.

Police Officer Smith website

Arnold is working on a website for the new Saturn homebrew game we're both working on. The game itself currently goes under the name Police Officer Smith. You can find some very good looking screenshots, info and media there: http://arnold1304.cabanova.de