Rockin'-B's clean out: old friends for sale #2

Monday, 9 January, 2006 14:30

After over 3 years of no releases for the SEGA Dreamcast Visual Memory Unit, here are two brandnew VMU demos:

Tiny 3d Engine (vms, vmi, dci, source, video #1, video #2) for VMU is the first and only realtime wireframe 3d engine for VMU.

Shenmue Goodies 2 (vms, vmi, dci) is a B-movie;) showing hundreds of Shenmue 2 character images taken from the secret Shenmue Goodies 2 website.

Furthermore I added 2 more great homebrew VMU games to the VMU games galery:

It's space invaders (vms, vmi, dci) and idoudo (vms, vmi, dci) from Rednuht 2000. Both games were released long ago, but they were missing on my website.

You can download all 4 VMU games via Dreamcast browser directly (select vmi), too!