Potato Calc

What? Nobody calculates with potatoes!?

Of course nobody does. The simple reason is that the codename of your neat little Visual Memory Unit is like that: Potato! And besides this is a pocket-calculator-like application. So, Potato Calc!

Tell me more!

Because it is a calculator, there is not much to see on the display. In main screen, you got a set of buttons accessible with a cursor using the directional pad. There are all single decimal digits available. When pressing the A Button, the digit is added to the current entered number in the same way every other calculator does. Of course there are also four basic operations accessible as well as a clear button and a result button. When entered a number, hitting an operation button hides the number for entering the second operand or the result is calculated if a previous operation is still to do. Otherwise hitting the result button will display the result. More functionality is currently not implemented, maybe in future if required.

As a very good idea I think of the infoscreens I have implemented. On the right side of the main display there is still space for additional buttons, but instead leaving it empty, I inserted self-refreshing little images that can hold information or something. So looking on the screen is not so monotonous as without that.