No Updates for a long time, but now a big one:

Sunday, 13 June, 2004 10:13

I released a snapshot of a long term project currently going under the name SAHLI - SAturn High Level Interpreter.

It's a simple TicTacToe demo created with SAHLI in about half of an hour. The snapshot runs on MacOS X, you may need the SDL pakage.

All game creation capabilities are disabled and the TicTacToe demo uses only a small portion of the functionality of SAHLI.

More info here:

Saturn High Level Interpreter, screenshots

Although SAHLI is almost at the point where I see it's first milestone, some very useful changes are neccessary. I see it as a long term project and hey, the SEGA Saturn gets 10 years old this november, so I think we got some time, don't we?

So I make this release just to show what I was doing, what I am doing and what I will be doing in the console dev sector. Another thing is that I don't know when I will work again on it, if and when there will be a full release and what platform it will run on.

But I know this definitly is what I was searching for all the past years starting with Rockin'-VR for Saturn. That's why I'm quite glad and I very look forward to it's future development.