Wednesday, 7 January, 2004 10:13

Sorry for the lack of news and software, but it seems this will last for quite some time.

I will have to use all the time I got to make my diploma thesis. So please don't expect things that take much time to be released here any time soon.

What else is there that you should know? Well, I found a way to save 66% of the multiplications and 33% of the additions needed for transforming a special geometry primitive as it's done in 3D engines. This could be used in an improved 3D engine for Saturn, but even in my Tiny 3D Engine for VMU.

You might ask why the Tiny 3D Engine for VMU is still not released although it's finished...so let me tell you that the war on Iraq changed a lot of things - more than you would imagine. At first it changed lives and although I haven't got killed it changed my life, too. The smallest thing that changed was that I layed down the work on the most optimized piece of assembler code that I've written so far, the Tiny 3D Engine for VMU.

All that's been published of the Tiny 3D Engine for VMU are these videos:

video2 video1

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