B-movie;) version 2 development started!

Wednesday, 7 November, 2001 19:50

Now it's getting seriously. I'm trying to make the development more structured and efficient to save time and my nerves. Look at the B-movie;) v2 site to get very detailed information.

Also, I made little changes on the main page and restructured the concept of the news section here. You might not see any changes, but for me its now very easier to update.



Some months ago, I wrote on the main page to add an VRML section. My intention was to publish some 3D-worlds I created by reproducing real existing environments. They look really as good as the original, but unfortunately, they contain copyrighted textures and objects from a person I know privately. I was asked to not publish these things on the web. So I have to do... .


I made quiet a lot experience with libdream from Dan Potter and created a GUI and editor-like functions. Due to limitations of time and libdream I stopped development some months ago. When I got more time, knowledge and ideas(Oh god, I do have them...) I will start over with KOS. This will happen, because DC just is THE machine. And for now we all know it will be the last console from SEGA..... . So it's our job to keep it alive as long as we want - and man, it will last for years.