BNo updates for a long time, ah?

Thursday, 4 October, 2001 14:26

Hey, guys. No updates for a long time, ah? Sorry for that. I've been working on preparing for an exam, but in some days it'll be done.

Concerning the future of B-movie;): It's allready been months ago when a new and much better encoding algorithm came in my mind. But at that time I got no motivation for doing that. Maybe in this years autumn. This algorithm is more complex and no longer pure run lenght encoding. Also the display quality would benefit from that.

I'm currently exploring the world of VMU <-> VMU communication and it seems to be quite simple. I will set up a site about that when I completely understand the topic. If anybody got information on existing 2 Player games for VM, let me know. Otherwise I will be very proud to release the first one :-)).