My favourites

What people like or not relies on their nature and if you pay attention, you can realize what my nature is about.

No.1 game:

Shenmue 2, Dreamcast/XBox

Surely and without a doubt, this game is an experience. It's first part, Shenmue 1, has been voted the best game ever at the german nexgam forum and I agree because Shenmue 2 is better in every aspect. Those million people who only play military games, thinking that war is a good thing, will not share my oppinion. The atmosphere in this game, all it's many details, knowledge and culture taken from real life is really inspiring.

No.1 book:

The Dark Tower IV: Wizards and Glas, by Stephen King

Don't ya have any prejudices against Stephen King! People who know his writings will agree that a big portion of it can't even be considered horror. Same goes especially for this very exceptional book, which is full of love, drama, romance, fantasy, death, battle and beautiness all over.

The Dark Tower consists of 7 books which as a whole is the most importand work of Stephen King. Every book of the series, from the first to the last, is written in it's very own style.

No.1 music cd:

The Gold Experience, by Prince

Of the many albums that this high talented musician released over the decades, this one is the most orgasmic. Prince is someone who's always trying out new styles and so every album becomes unique as it is much influenced by his current, well, situation. If you listen to this songs just once or twice, you will never forget them. They're full of energy, motion, feeling, sex, power and love. One song is called "Endorphine Machine" and that summarizes what this album is all about, perfectly.

No.1 movie:

That one is difficult. I don't think I can figure out a certain movie being the best. The thing that makes a movie unforgetable in my mind is hard to describe. Movies that are exeptional to me contain a special situation, a moment of some sort of dramatic tragedy. Analyzing this myself I can further say that such moments are made of knowledge that only the viewer or maybe some characters have and it's intensity is boosted by the fact that certain characters don't have this knowledge.

Movies I'd like to mention are (german titles):

Leaving Las Vegas, Das Leben des David Gale, Memento, Sehnsüchtig